Asian Mindset Tour… how? why? when? where?

DER TRENDBEOBACHTER geht ab 23. Juli auf Tour.

5 Megacities, 5 Wochen, Mathias Haas zu Besuch bei über 50 Millionen Menschen.

Die Visualisierung zur "Asian Mindset Tour" von Mathias Haas

Die Visualisierung zur “Asian Mindset Tour” von Mathias Haas

…warum nur?

Weil wir wirtschaftlich gut dastehen und jetzt auch noch zum “Most Popular Country In The World” gewählt werden. Gleichzeitig aber Studien existieren, bei denen nur (!) 13 Prozent der Deutschen glauben, dass es ihre Kinder besser haben werden – als sie selbst. Das ist kaum zu glauben und schwer zu verstehen.


Gleichzeitig kommt dazu, dass auch der Redner und Moderator sich immer wieder kalibrieren möchte. Megatrends werden in Megacities getrieben, also in Metropolen mit über 10 Millionen Menschen! Und davon gibt es in der Nachbarschaft verdammt wenige. Erst Moskau und Istanbul sind hier nennenswert.

Also raus und auf nach Delhi, Singapur, Jakarta, Guangzhou und Seoul.

Um rauszufinden, wie die “German Angst“ wirklich wargenommen wird und wie europäische Tugenden, wie beispielsweise Arbeitsmoral, zur assiatiaschen Killer-App werden? Wie war das… Deutsche arbeiten durchschnittlich etwa 1.400 Stunden im Jahr, der Koreaner liegt bei 2.200 Stunden.

Jeweils 5 Interviews mit je 5 Fragen. In jeder Stadt.

Deshalb wird Mathias Haas viel zuhören – und für alle Kunden erst einmal mitschreiben und dann wieder verdichten. DER TRENDBEOBACHTER bleibt seinem Prinzip treu.

…die zentrale Frage:
Wie gehen diese Menschen mit Veränderung um?

Denn davon hatten und haben diese deutlich mehr als wir,
hier im “Most popular country in the world”!


Asian Mindset Tour – englische Beschreibung:

Didn’t you always want to find out what really drives the world?
Visit 50 Million people within a 5 weeks and get an idea of what they think?
Mathias Haas, a true cosmopolitan and one of the youngest established experts on mega trends in Europe, is on his way to do exactly that.
Who is Mathias Haas? P.T. Magazine called him “the Lady Gaga amongst the futurists”.
This statement is not to belittle his work – but to point out his provocative but successful way of attacking new subjects and his strong, outstanding stage performance.
Every year, thousands of delegates see and listen to THE TRENDWATCHER (as his brand name is) in keynotes and workshops across Germany, Europe and Africa. There, his main goal is to proof the existence of global and regional mega trends in front of the audience and guide corporate decision makers, employees or people like you and me onto a path of change – for a sustainable future success. Not always is it easy to discover or proof a mega trend – that’s why market leading corporations like adidas, DHL or 3M support THE TRENDWATCHER with exhibits of products and services which have not yet been discovered by the broad public. Clients like Accenture, Intel, Canon or Nestlé have discovered the potential of his work and book him for their events.
Haas, a man in his early 40’s, is not only an expert on mega trends, but also on round-the-world trips. One of his past projects was the successful circumnavigation of the globe without the use of aeroplanes.
To follow up on this and as the logical consequence out of his work, he will now get involved with the ideas and subjects that run “the other half of the world”. The world’s change seems – to a large extent – to be driven by life in mega cities. A structure which Europe is lacking in a certain way.

If only 13% of the Germans believe that their children will be better off than themselves, where as 92% of the Swiss – their next door neighbours – say that next year will be equally as good or better than the current one, Haas says: A broader view can’t hurt!
To achieve that, THE TRENDWATCHER will travel to Asia.
Asia: Synonym for growth. Home of mega cities and continuous change. Vibrant life and millions of people. Hence, an ideal place for ground breaking discoveries.
It’s not meant metaphorical in any way, but the number 5 plays a key role in his upcoming project, the “Asian Mindset Tour”:

5 Cities – with a total of 50 million people:
Thousands of kilometres apart, as different as they can be:

• Delhi: Striving modernity with respect for tradition in India’s second largest city.
• Singapore: A state and a huge city – and one of the important tiger states.
• Jakarta: Capital city of the 4th largest country (by population) in the world.
• Guangzhou: Fast growing and known as “The factory of the world”.
• Seoul: Roughly half of the countries population inhabits greater Seoul – truly mega!

> 5 Weeks: This is how long Mathias Haas will travel across the continent.
> 5 Days: The minimum stay per city – to immerse into the spirit of each area.
> 5 Interviews per city: In each city, there will be interviews with 5 people. Interesting
personalities that speak out and illustrate their (Asian) way of thinking, their attitude towards life and change.

And finally:
This format is supposed to be repeated for all 5 continents!

What’s all this for?
It is to find out more about the Asian attitude towards life. About the mindset that leads to economies as strong and powerful as those from the far east. The project is – but not only – a real time inventory survey on what drives people in mega cities. On what we
can learn from their culture of change, from them being the motor of the world.
Because one thing is certain: Change will continue to happen – globally.
Let’s make sure that everyone can benefit the utmost from it.
How could you be involved?
You are more than welcome to connect with Mathias Haas for
a) being an interview partner or recommending interesting local people or experts
b) introducing local journalists as well as business contacts
c) recommending discoveries you have made – which THE TRENDWATCHER could then incorporate into his “Asian Mindset Tour”.
For more details about Mathias Haas, the keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, please check out as well as
Asian Mindset Tour, Mathias Haas, Lehenstrasse 59, D-70180 Stuttgart, Mobile +49 177 7000 455

THE TREND WATCHER is down to earth, pragmatic and a… surprise, observer – not a scientist. Please check out as well as one of his methods: LEGO SERIOUS PLAY